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What lies beyond the Fear?

Apologies for the long delay – a lot of growth has been going on behind the curtains 🙂

Now we are getting onto the meaty end of the stick.

If you have followed the discussion so far in the previous posts, you will have seen quite clearly how deep rooted our individual fear is and the lengths we will go to to avoid feeling the fear, or even acknowledging it’s existence.

We have looked at the crisis of our generation, which surrounds us in our day to day life and is a global phenomenon. We have scratched below the surface of our own individual psychology to unearth the fear that lies within us, the collective of which plays out a harrowing scenario on a global socio-economic level. We have tried to understand why we feel this fear, where it comes from in order to understand whether or not there is a solution to this problem. For, if there is no solution, our ultimate doom is a certainty.

In order to put all this into context, it simply means the following:

Our current human crisis is a crisis of our collective fear.

This collective fear is an expression of the sum total of our individual fear.

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The root cause of the core fear (our primal fear) is that each individual feels like they are not enough, hence they have to compete for survival on this planet

Our competition (with each other, between tribes and countries and ideologies) results in an aggravated state of mind whereby we “protect” what is ours – on an individual and societal level.

This drive towards protection can easily get out of control. It is incepted in fear, and hence adding more fear into the equation results in additional protection – it gets out of hand quite easily.

By this time, we are banning certain faiths from our borders, going out to other countries to bomb them for being different from us and stockpiling our own wealth and weaponry. All because we are frightened of what is “not us” – of their “otherness”.

I’m going to make a bold and outrageous claim:


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Think about it for a moment. What would happen if we lived in a World without fear?

  1. There would be no dissatisfaction. What we had would be enough. We would feel abundant because we would not be focused on what we don’t have. We would not compare ourselves with others incessantly – in effect, we would be satisfied with who we were and what we had.
  2. There would be no theft. If I have enough, or more correctly, feel I have enough, then there is no need to take (forcibly or otherwise) from another. Not only would there be no theft, there would be no strife.
  3. We would not fear the unknown, or what we today consider “the other”. Once this “otherness” disappears, not only do all wars and violence disappear with it, we enter an age of total peace. Peace begins within each of us as individuals. Asking for an external peace whilst we are still fighting inner demons is like asking a homocidal maniac to look after our children.

Now before you start accusing me of harbouring fantasies of a Utopian future for humanity let me just qualify the above with – I don’t think it’s ever going to happen!

Are we all ever going to come to an age of brotherhood ( and sisterhood)? Of kinship and harmony? Of unconditional love and peace?


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The truth of the matter is that, while we exist as humans on a “human plane”, we will have human tendencies. Our journey of evolution to be beyond human or superhuman is estimated to be of the order of many hundreds of thousands of years.

This timeframe is too long for us to sustain our self-destructive habits and still survive as a species – although this is only my opinion.

I think collectively we are screwed.

However, the point of the analysis and identification of fear is that, as individuals, our only choice is to evolve ourselves – individually.

After all, wouldn’t it be a better life for you if you were free from obsessive fear? How would it be for you if you could feel fulfilled, most of the time? How much richer would your life be if you had enduring peace of mind, serenity and feelings of warm security?

Do you want to live free of fear?

Just like the effect of throwing small pebble in a pond ripples out in concentric waves, the change of every individual has a spreads outwards and effects changes in their environment and the people they interact with. We can only ever really change ourselves, that is all we have control over. However, if enough of us changed ourselves, then the ripple effect could have far reaching consequences. Perhaps global? Perhaps even Universal?

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My life has become this. The purpose of my existence is to realise the truth of existence, and in doing so hopefully have a positive effect on the World. Even if this effect is infinitesimally small, it is enough for me to have expressed my purpose to the World.

Are you ready for this change? Are you willing to step up and transform into the next, better version of yourself? Are you able to visualise the grandest vision of yourself, free of fear and the shackles of ordinary existence?

Then keep reading, because we are going to go on a wonderful journey together. A journey from where you are now to your true self.

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How does fear get control over us?

In the last post, we looked within to try and get an idea of a root cause for our individual madness. We looked at how our individual search for something “out there” led to a collective, societal blind march towards progress. And we know full well that by marching along blindly we are heading towards an ultimate destruction.

When we, as individuals, understand that we need to stop this insanity, we are faced with a question.

“How exactly can I stop humanity from destroying itself, including me and what I love?”

We realise that there is something we need to do, and our first reaction is by being driven into action.

“Let’s get out there and protest and become environmentally conscious and recycle and educate for change and chain ourselves to trees and stop whaling and…and…and…!!!!”

We want to make yet another change to the World, and make society see things the way we do because, of course, the way we see things is right (we believe).

And let’s say, hypothetically, that we succeed. We are able to indoctrinate everyone on this planet with a new way of living in which we do not harm the planet, live in a sustainable way, exist within a state of World peace and bring about a kinship of humankind. What if life on Earth became like the John Lennon song “Imagine”, whereby we created a utopic heaven upon Earth?

Great isn’t it? Enjoy that thought for a moment.

But then what?


Here comes the issue – we are still carrying the seed within us that led to the crisis in the first place. Hence that seed will once again grow into the monster that we initially created. Our utopia will very shortly once more start to turn into hell.

Someone will become jealous of what another has and start to covet it, and will chase it. Disagreements will begin, they may divide into factions that turn against each other. Politics will come forth, manipulative people will once more be able to take advantage of the situation to run their agenda over others.

Pretty soon, you and your like-minded, well intentioned friends will be marginalised. Fear and greed will once more rule the World.

Welcome to heaven – it only exists in our minds!

You can’t keep dancing with the devil and ask why you’re still in hell.

~ Unknown

As long as we still carry our unconscious fear around with us, the outer circumstances will always reflect that inner state of confusion, chaos, separation and greed. The outer is only but a reflection of the inner.

We are not ready for heaven yet. If we were, we would already be in it.

So if we really want to make any significant and lasting change in this World, we need to start with inner change; with inner transformation at an individual level.

There is NO OTHER WAY.

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That root cause of fear inside us all, the belief that states “I am not enough”, causes us to tear through life blindly forever searching for something to fill the vacuum that this belief creates.

We move from one goal to the next, from one desire to the next, snatching the few moments of satisfaction that we can whenever one of our needs or wants is fulfilled.

But really, this is to no avail. We shall be chasing our tails into our graves. The end result is the end.

We feel we can answer the question “Why am I not enough?” with a constant drive for more and more, for progress on progress, for something else out there which will be “enough”.

Something inside us, a small, nearly silent voice that sometimes whispers in our heads, knows the truth that we are desperate to ignore.

It knows that enough is never enough.

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Now this enquiry leaves us facing a dead end.  We know we are not going to get answers from looking at the outside World, nor from chasing it’s bounties. We realise that making others change is futile, unless we first transform ourselves into that which we need to be.

We are certain that we need to be free of the fear that cripples our society, and that the spawn of this fear lives inside each one of us as a primal fear, and unconsciously directs our thoughts and actions.

But how do we start, and what do we do? How can we be free of fear?

The first thing to look into is what fear is. We all know the feeling of fear, we know what it feels like to be scared, or even terrified. We know that fear manifests in fearful, negative thinking, a tightness and tense feeling in the body, the initiation of our biological fight or flight response and a whole host of other things.

Fear is designed to protect us. Our ancestors were extremely fearful, after all they lived half-naked and unprotected in forests as the potential prey of a host of predators that they shared the land with. Fear is hard-wired into our make up, to protect us and keep us safe. We are always on the lookout for what could harm us and our families,  and devise ways and means to keep us safe. Survival is our number one instinct and the first priority.

However, in this day and age, we don’t need to be so fearful all the time. We can spend a vast majority of our lives in relative safety, and our lives are immeasurably safer than our ancestor’s lives were. But because we are hard-wired for this fear, because it is automatic and because we have a biological bias to be fearful, we tend to carry fear with us much more than we need.

The slightest thing going wrong can trigger our fear and cause us to spiral out of control with imaginary worst-case scenarios which breed the associated feelings of tension and stress.

Our reaction is, more often than not, hugely out of proportion to the perceived danger. We could be feeling the same amount of stress about our Boss finding out that we have not made a deadline as our ancestors would have felt being trapped in a tree for the night while a predatory animal paced the ground underneath waiting for them to fall.

As a society of out and out over thinkers, we create an inordinate amount of fear in our lives through imaginary scenarios, and then live as slaves to this fear.

Fear, in itself, has no reality outside the mind. Most of our fears are imagined.

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We are so busy living our lives as innocent victims to these secondary fears, that we do not discern the need to look into the truth behind our primal fear.

Why am I not enough? Or rather, why do I feel or believe that I am not enough?

Our primal fear causes our minds to spew out countless other fears with which to keep ourselves busy. This is all illusory. It is not real. Our actions (and hence our lives) are based upon our reliance that the fears we are driven by are real. They are not. They are all children of a discomfort in our minds which causes us to create a tornado of multiple fears from the primal fear and sweeps us into a life of searching for satisfaction from the outside World.

If we can get some clarity for a few minutes, and put aside all our multiple fears. Let’s focus on the primal fear and not get distracted by anything else.

The mind may try to bait us to follow it into other avenues of thought, other fearful roads. But if we can stay focused, the next layer of the mystery unfurls itself.

It takes a level of awareness to receive the next key to the mystery of existence. This may not appear as words, it is often a feeling – an intuition. A knowing.

“I am not enough because I am separate”

You see, we have this belief that we are separate from existence. That existence is out there, and that we are experiencing it from “in here”. And this is quite verifiable as a point of view. I can see you “out there”, and I hear you “in here”. I am separate from you. I am separate from the World. I am a separate entity that is here on this Earth, spinning somewhere in the Universe. And as a separate entity, I am vulnerable.

So how do I make myself stronger?

I need to feel secure. And I can only get things from “out there” to add to myself to make me feel less vulnerable.

I need more things, I need more security, I need a roof over my head, no a house, no a big mansion. I need things in my life to make me feel safe and to make me feel good.

We dupe ourselves into joining the rat race and becoming part of the juggernaut we have created.

And don’t think there are those who are immune to this fear. The people who go after the most, who want the most power and influence and control, are the ones who are most in denial. They are the ones who are the most attached to the illusion and do not want to consider any alternate. The people in power are the ones who benefit the most from the state of affairs on our planet, it is in their interest to keep the illusion alive at any cost. They are the most driven by this unconscious fear, and would even kill to keep it alive.

The lunatics are running the asylum.

By now, we all see the far reaching consequences of believing our first primal fear. What we need to know and understand is whether this fear really is true, and why we believe it. It seems to be true, as we all seem separate. But if it is true, then there is no hope for us, because we will drive ourselves to extinction.

Something is not right, and something needs to be done.

But what?

We will dive into this in the next post. For now, some “food for thought“.

Quote by Infineternal

Is there a root cause to our human crisis?

We need to sit back for a moment and actually take a look at the trajectory of our collective society, and the future we are going to create. I can assure you it is not a pleasant one. Our impact upon the planet, upon other creatures, upon the habitat, upon other societies, upon other political systems and anything that we consider to be the “other”, is devastating.

We have witnessed, since the start of the new millennium, a new war that has cost Trillions of dollars, destroyed countless lives, orphaned innumerable children, alienated societies and created more divisive hatred upon this planet than we have ever had before. It really is a sorry state of affairs.

Our motivation for this War is that we are under attack and so must defend ourselves. The enemy is multiple bands of “Terrorists” that can attack anywhere, at any time and we need not only global preparedness for these threats, but to go and exhume these terror groups in their own Countries in order to “convert” them to our belief in “freedom”, else they should be “terminated”.

These are all strong words, but they are descriptive of our state of affairs. When our Leaders decide to launch an offensive against a Country, are we aware of the amount of damage we are going to do to the lives of people? Our attacks are against people; against men, women and children, whom we will label as a Country or a Geographical location or as a group of extremists so that we don’t actually have to face the fact of who we are killing. We don’t want to know or believe that we are actually murdering humans, all we want to know is that we have protected “ourselves” by launching an offensive against “others”.

So we use the “otherness” of our “Leaders” launching an “offensive” against some “others”.

We are in denial of our own actions and motivations. We have to be in this denial, because, if we actually accepted and admitted what we are guilty of, then we couldn’t really live the way we currently are.

And this denial is a sign of our sickness as a society, as a population, as inhabitants of this planet.


In order for us to carry on “protecting” ourselves against this global threat, we need to keep spending countless sums of money to fuel the industries, which keep this war alive.

Just to put some perspective on our global spend on defence. It is US$ 1.78 Trillion annually on a global basis, of which the bulk is spent by the U.S.

If we reprioritized ourselves as humanity, we could end global poverty in 20 years by spending US$ 175 Billion per annum. That is about 10% annually of our global military expenditure.

How much would it cost to end poverty in the World?

Further to this, there are some claims that Defense spending is much greater than we think. For instance, it is estimated that the U.S alone spends over a Trillion dollars annually.

Defense Spending Is Much Greater than You Think: more than $1Trillion a year

More expenditure means more industry means more false economic return which leads to more “progress”, more environmental damage and ultimately more unrest on our planet.

It’s a sad state of affairs and points directly to our sickness as a society. We are so driven by fear, that we will allow any atrocity to feel secure. We will allow the expenditure of this sum of money to provide a false sense of security whilst the same money is killing innocent “others” somewhere that is “not here”.

Do we ever think of who benefits from this sort of expenditure? Well, it’s the global Banking system and it’s key wealthy elite of course, the 1% who are on course to control 99% of the World’s wealth, and hence are in control of our media, our industry and our governments.

It is of obviously of immense benefit to the World’s economic elite that the War on Terror continue, but what is more subtle, and sinister, is that it is possible that the War on terror may have been “created” in order to drive the World economy in this manner.

There is a large amount of evidence supporting the “collapse” theory of the World Trade Centre. Have terrorists been “created” by our media. Are we being sold a story about Islam being the problem, whereas the problem is really the extreme reaction to our own attacks and violence towards innocent “others” abroad? Is our own Worldview the problem? Are we ourselves victims of a scheme to brainwash us into believing in an enemy that requires us to live in a poverty stricken World so that we are not attacked in our homes by grenade-wielding extremist assassins?

Something is not quite right here.

The U.S defense budget is, of course, the World’s largest corporation and control of the same drives trillions of dollars into the hands of the controlling Elite.

If the Elite gave up 0.5% of their wealth we could end global poverty.

Could it be that we are being fed a life of fear so that a few people, through their control of wealth and corporations, can get richer? Are we being sacrificed at the altar of their greed?

Is this the destiny of humans, to be driven to destruction by by fear and greed? Our buy in to fear is so strong that we will do anything to escape the discomfort of the feeling of fear, and we are prepared to murder to protect ourselves. The greed in this World is so powerful that the ones benefitting from keeping us in fear have a free for all at our expense.

We are all part of the momentum of this enormous machine that we have created, and now we must bear the consequences of it.

Look carefully and see you will see the hands of these two forces at work – fear to keep us pliable and agreeable; greed to drive more and more resources out of the Earth for consumption, so as to stockpile wealth.

These same motivational forces drive our stock market cycle, which goes up during times of greed and down during times of fear.

It is interesting to note that greed is, at its core, a derivative of fear. Greed comes about through the fear of not having enough, or of giving up what one has already acquired in wealth or stature or power. Both fear and greed become self-sustaining monsters when left unchecked, feeding off themselves to greater and greater heights. The results of these forces work through us in our societies and economies, and our current state of affairs is a testament their ability to cause havoc.

The problem with the World, is at its core a problem of fear.

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Issues of defense spending, the loss of freedom, terrorism, protection, war and all these are symptomatic of the real root cause, the real sickness in our society – and this is FEAR.

Anything created by man, be it bridges, airplanes, skyscrapers, computers, the Internet, the banking and economic systems, roads, electricity generators and so on, are all created within the mind of a human, or a team of humans. The World as humankind is creating it, is a projection of our thoughts into our society and onto our planet.

The problem with our collective trajectory is that we are not in control of our thoughts. Our minds are riddled with fear. We can then be brainwashed into believing, and therefore succumbing to, an agenda of greed. The start of all if this is in our individual thought, and in order to understand HOW we can change the destiny of humankind upon our Earth, we first have to learn HOW we can change what we are thinking.

We need to fully witness the consequences of our fear, how it projects outwards through actions and to realize, without a shadow of a doubt, that the mechanism of fear is what keeps us on our current trajectory.

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It may be difficult to accept that something so tiny as a human quality called fear can snowball into such a catastrophic destiny for humankind. However, if you look into the situation deeply enough, the root causes show through. After all, what is man made on this Earth is, by definition, made by man. And anything that is man made has its root in the human mind.

So to sum up:

  1. We are more driven by fear than we realise and perhaps even care to admit.
  2. It is easy to manipulate a fearful society into allowing “questionable” policies and actions to protect itself.
  3. Through our fear, we are feeding a huge and expensive machine, which is making the rich richer and the poor poorer.
  4. The start of the “War on Terror” was the collapse of the World Trade Centre. This collapse may not really have been caused by Terrorists, but rather in order to introduce a state of panic into the West and allow an economic military agenda to proceed.
  5. The state of the World is a result of our thinking, and our thinking is riddled with fear.  In order to try and gain an understanding of a solution, we need a solution to fear – the root cause. All other solutions would treat the symptom, not the cause.

This is where we will pick up next time, through an understanding of the residence of fear inside our minds.

In closing, there is nobody more succinct in his description of the human condition than Jiddu Krishnamurti, and here one of his many pearls of wisdom:

“Our minds are conditioned – that is an obvious fact – conditioned by a particular culture or society, influenced by various impressions, by the strains and stresses of relationships, by economic, climatic, educational factors, by religious conformity and so on. Our minds are trained to accept fear and to escape, if we can, from that fear, never being able to resolve, totally and completely, the whole nature and structure of fear. So our first question is: can the mind, so heavily burdened, resolve completely, not only its conditioning, but also its fears? Because it is fear that makes us accept conditioning.”