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How does fear get control over us?

In the last post, we looked within to try and get an idea of a root cause for our individual madness. We looked at how our individual search for something “out there” led to a collective, societal blind march towards progress. And we know full well that by marching along blindly we are heading towards an ultimate destruction.

When we, as individuals, understand that we need to stop this insanity, we are faced with a question.

“How exactly can I stop humanity from destroying itself, including me and what I love?”

We realise that there is something we need to do, and our first reaction is by being driven into action.

“Let’s get out there and protest and become environmentally conscious and recycle and educate for change and chain ourselves to trees and stop whaling and…and…and…!!!!”

We want to make yet another change to the World, and make society see things the way we do because, of course, the way we see things is right (we believe).

And let’s say, hypothetically, that we succeed. We are able to indoctrinate everyone on this planet with a new way of living in which we do not harm the planet, live in a sustainable way, exist within a state of World peace and bring about a kinship of humankind. What if life on Earth became like the John Lennon song “Imagine”, whereby we created a utopic heaven upon Earth?

Great isn’t it? Enjoy that thought for a moment.

But then what?


Here comes the issue – we are still carrying the seed within us that led to the crisis in the first place. Hence that seed will once again grow into the monster that we initially created. Our utopia will very shortly once more start to turn into hell.

Someone will become jealous of what another has and start to covet it, and will chase it. Disagreements will begin, they may divide into factions that turn against each other. Politics will come forth, manipulative people will once more be able to take advantage of the situation to run their agenda over others.

Pretty soon, you and your like-minded, well intentioned friends will be marginalised. Fear and greed will once more rule the World.

Welcome to heaven – it only exists in our minds!

You can’t keep dancing with the devil and ask why you’re still in hell.

~ Unknown

As long as we still carry our unconscious fear around with us, the outer circumstances will always reflect that inner state of confusion, chaos, separation and greed. The outer is only but a reflection of the inner.

We are not ready for heaven yet. If we were, we would already be in it.

So if we really want to make any significant and lasting change in this World, we need to start with inner change; with inner transformation at an individual level.

There is NO OTHER WAY.

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That root cause of fear inside us all, the belief that states “I am not enough”, causes us to tear through life blindly forever searching for something to fill the vacuum that this belief creates.

We move from one goal to the next, from one desire to the next, snatching the few moments of satisfaction that we can whenever one of our needs or wants is fulfilled.

But really, this is to no avail. We shall be chasing our tails into our graves. The end result is the end.

We feel we can answer the question “Why am I not enough?” with a constant drive for more and more, for progress on progress, for something else out there which will be “enough”.

Something inside us, a small, nearly silent voice that sometimes whispers in our heads, knows the truth that we are desperate to ignore.

It knows that enough is never enough.

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Now this enquiry leaves us facing a dead end.  We know we are not going to get answers from looking at the outside World, nor from chasing it’s bounties. We realise that making others change is futile, unless we first transform ourselves into that which we need to be.

We are certain that we need to be free of the fear that cripples our society, and that the spawn of this fear lives inside each one of us as a primal fear, and unconsciously directs our thoughts and actions.

But how do we start, and what do we do? How can we be free of fear?

The first thing to look into is what fear is. We all know the feeling of fear, we know what it feels like to be scared, or even terrified. We know that fear manifests in fearful, negative thinking, a tightness and tense feeling in the body, the initiation of our biological fight or flight response and a whole host of other things.

Fear is designed to protect us. Our ancestors were extremely fearful, after all they lived half-naked and unprotected in forests as the potential prey of a host of predators that they shared the land with. Fear is hard-wired into our make up, to protect us and keep us safe. We are always on the lookout for what could harm us and our families,  and devise ways and means to keep us safe. Survival is our number one instinct and the first priority.

However, in this day and age, we don’t need to be so fearful all the time. We can spend a vast majority of our lives in relative safety, and our lives are immeasurably safer than our ancestor’s lives were. But because we are hard-wired for this fear, because it is automatic and because we have a biological bias to be fearful, we tend to carry fear with us much more than we need.

The slightest thing going wrong can trigger our fear and cause us to spiral out of control with imaginary worst-case scenarios which breed the associated feelings of tension and stress.

Our reaction is, more often than not, hugely out of proportion to the perceived danger. We could be feeling the same amount of stress about our Boss finding out that we have not made a deadline as our ancestors would have felt being trapped in a tree for the night while a predatory animal paced the ground underneath waiting for them to fall.

As a society of out and out over thinkers, we create an inordinate amount of fear in our lives through imaginary scenarios, and then live as slaves to this fear.

Fear, in itself, has no reality outside the mind. Most of our fears are imagined.

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We are so busy living our lives as innocent victims to these secondary fears, that we do not discern the need to look into the truth behind our primal fear.

Why am I not enough? Or rather, why do I feel or believe that I am not enough?

Our primal fear causes our minds to spew out countless other fears with which to keep ourselves busy. This is all illusory. It is not real. Our actions (and hence our lives) are based upon our reliance that the fears we are driven by are real. They are not. They are all children of a discomfort in our minds which causes us to create a tornado of multiple fears from the primal fear and sweeps us into a life of searching for satisfaction from the outside World.

If we can get some clarity for a few minutes, and put aside all our multiple fears. Let’s focus on the primal fear and not get distracted by anything else.

The mind may try to bait us to follow it into other avenues of thought, other fearful roads. But if we can stay focused, the next layer of the mystery unfurls itself.

It takes a level of awareness to receive the next key to the mystery of existence. This may not appear as words, it is often a feeling – an intuition. A knowing.

“I am not enough because I am separate”

You see, we have this belief that we are separate from existence. That existence is out there, and that we are experiencing it from “in here”. And this is quite verifiable as a point of view. I can see you “out there”, and I hear you “in here”. I am separate from you. I am separate from the World. I am a separate entity that is here on this Earth, spinning somewhere in the Universe. And as a separate entity, I am vulnerable.

So how do I make myself stronger?

I need to feel secure. And I can only get things from “out there” to add to myself to make me feel less vulnerable.

I need more things, I need more security, I need a roof over my head, no a house, no a big mansion. I need things in my life to make me feel safe and to make me feel good.

We dupe ourselves into joining the rat race and becoming part of the juggernaut we have created.

And don’t think there are those who are immune to this fear. The people who go after the most, who want the most power and influence and control, are the ones who are most in denial. They are the ones who are the most attached to the illusion and do not want to consider any alternate. The people in power are the ones who benefit the most from the state of affairs on our planet, it is in their interest to keep the illusion alive at any cost. They are the most driven by this unconscious fear, and would even kill to keep it alive.

The lunatics are running the asylum.

By now, we all see the far reaching consequences of believing our first primal fear. What we need to know and understand is whether this fear really is true, and why we believe it. It seems to be true, as we all seem separate. But if it is true, then there is no hope for us, because we will drive ourselves to extinction.

Something is not right, and something needs to be done.

But what?

We will dive into this in the next post. For now, some “food for thought“.

Quote by Infineternal

Are you comfortable with the World we are creating?

Over the last few decades we have brought the planet to its knees by the exploitation of natural resources without concern for any long-term consequences. Our Earth is suffering like never before but our aggressive drive for “progress” does not let up. We put more and more demands on this planet that gave birth to our kind and the end of the road is inevitable. In our mathematical models for Economics we need to assume an infinite supply, else we cannot model the system. However, in our myopia we behave as if the model is reality and that we can never run out of fossil fuels, that our environment can survive any amount of garbage dumping, that our rivers can be polluted with the waste of countless factories and that the Earth can sustain an infinite number of humans.

The Earth has been around for 4.5 Billion years. That is about a third of the known lifetime of the entire Universe. We, as modern humans are known to have populated the Earth for 200,000 years. The age of “civilization” is 6000 years. We have therefore been on this planet for 0.0044444444 percent of the life of Earth, and civilized for 0.0001333333 percent of the Earth’s life.

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These numbers are so small that we can’t understand them. So we need to put them on a scale kind of like what Carl Sagan did. Imagine the Earth’s life is a calendar year. It was born at midnight on January 1st and now it is 11:59:59.99 on December 31st. We are compressing 4.5 Billion real years into one year.

On this scale, every second of “Earth Year” time represents 143 years of real time. Hence, you and I have not even been alive for a second of time in the Year since the Earth was born. Actually not even a half of a second for most of us.

Civilization has, by this scale, been around for 42 seconds of time. The damage we have done to this planet has occurred over the last five hundred years, which is about three and a half seconds of the year that the Earth has been alive.

Image credit: National Geographic
Image credit: National Geographic

We are in the midst of a mass extinction, this time due to the effect of humans on this planet. In the last 500 years we have driven about 1000 species to extinction. By the mid century, 30 to 50 percent of all species could be extinct, due to human factors.

Our industries are polluting and heating the Earth at alarming rates. The climate change “debate” is a debacle. It too assumes that you can poison the natural system infinitely without affecting the natural rhythms that keep the eco-systems in checks and balances. Of course we are polluting, choking and destroying the planet – it is completely obvious to anyone but a complete fool.

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Massive droughts, floods, fires, hurricanes and other natural phenomena are on the increase. These will become more prevalent as we cause further damage to our eco-system, not because there is some “God” wreaking wrath upon us, but simply because nature will attempt to balance itself as the eco-system is a self regulating and stabilizing inter-connected system. We cannot pollute the air and not expect to bear the repercussions of this action. We cannot heat the planet and not expect plant and animal extinction due to drought and desertification.

In the last 100 years (less than a second of time in the Earth year), we have had massive Wars, which have led to immense amount of human and other suffering. We have created and deployed nuclear armaments (not just the ones from George “Dubya” Bush’s imagination), watched Countries being invaded, “Dictators” being overthrown, orphans created and entire cultures destroyed in the name of progress and democracy.

Sure there was a time when we thought we fought wars for the right reasons, in self-defense or to right a wrong and fight oppressive threats.

Nowadays wars are fought for profit. We are fed a bunch of bullshit propaganda to keep us believing that our leaders are doing the right thing for the right reasons and any human casualties are a small price to pay for the global good. The war on terror has been created to keep us in a state of fear so we will believe whatever they need us to and keeps us in a perpetual state of fearful crisis. All of this brainwashing is happening whilst massive profits are being reaped.

The economy of the West is a war economy. Why would they want peace? The “volatility” is profitable. The more situations that are created which breed conflict, the better for the false economy to create profit and directly or indirectly plunder the planet for more resources in this endless game of “the pursuit of self-fulfillment through the mindless progress of economy”.

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Of course more perceived crisis means more wars means more commerce means more industry means more environmental damage means more animal and plant extinction means more real, human created crises. Eventually, of course, this means our own extinction.

There is an old native American saying: “Your people are driven by a terrible sense of deficiency. When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money.”

The more we do the worse it is going to get. Humankind is creating a veritable Hell on Earth upon which nobody who has a shred of “humanity” in them would chose to live. It has all gone so horribly wrong, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for letting this happen.

Sure we have had immense technological advances in the last five to 10 decades or so. That is, in the last four to eight seconds on the Earth’s life. We are able to communicate seamlessly and instantaneously around the globe, we have gathered massive amounts of data on just about everything, we can see further into the Universe and postulate theories about the birth of existence itself, we can perform surgery using robots, we can share and view videos on Facebook.

Has this new connectedness of the planet brought us closer together? We spend more time on devices than in face-to-face conversations. We share digitally but not physically. We have become more task oriented and less experiential than before. We are more isolated and lonely than ever before, we resemble robots more than humans.

Sure we are more efficient, and also more effective at our work due to this, but what are we working towards? Getting to extinction quickly is not going to win us any prizes. We treat life like a race, not a journey and we have forgotten our own values in the process.

Medicine is another frontier for progress. Just like anything else we have created, the priority of the pharmaceutical industry is to keep us sick. Why can’t we see the obvious double standards all around, us, why are we so blind to the conflict of interest? Our Doctors are controlled by the commerce of the health industry. Our diseases are created more by the disharmony of the planet we have caused, the lack of nourishment in our increasingly processed foods, the breathing of more polluted air, the huge stress we are put under just to survive in this planetary commercial system, the fear we live in during these troubled times of terror and other factors.

Our drive for progress will create more disease, and more customers for the health industry. After all, that is what progress is – doing better economically.

Our hypocritical system keeps drugs such as alcohol and nicotine legal, even though the health and social damage caused through the use and abuse of these is widely documented. We are, in fact, caused to be addicts to the system, living in it, not being able to survive without it, and being used for the commercial gain of the few corporations on this planet who actually govern our economy, and dictate who we are and what we must be in order to earn our place in the global fraternity.

In a way, this is just like living in “the matrix”. The famous line in this movie about humanity being a cancer upon this planet is not untrue.

I realize that I am being duped. I’m being made a fool of, and I’m a sucker. I am a slave to the system.

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I look around and see only delusion, and when I try and make sense of this life and what we are creating I can only say that we are blind to ourselves.

What we are creating is not going to make us happy or content. We are living our lives for the future, racing towards an inevitability and like a horse with blinders on, we are ignoring that the inevitable end is our own individual death and further the eventual destruction or extinction of humanity itself.

The blind are leading the blind and we call this life. And the prize at the end is death.

However, this is not intended as a story of tragic doom and gloom, even though that is where we will end up if we don’t stop. I believe there is an answer. It is not an answer we will find in the stars and galaxies, or in the atoms and molecules or in quarks and quasars. It is an answer we can find for ourselves in deep contemplation and introspection.

We need to wake up to our individual and collective humanity. We need to look inside ourselves with our own inner eyes and mind and see what we find there. We need to understand who we are and why we do what we do. We need to see for ourselves the seed of the sickness that we are all spreading on the planet and to understand where it comes from within us, why it exists and how we are propagating it.

We need to understand that what we wish for, the safety, happiness and contentment for ourselves and our loved ones is the basic need of all humans, and that the chase for increasing amounts of “anything” does not lead us there.

We can observe for ourselves the false reality, the delusion – the illusion which has veiled our true deeper selves.

And we can wake up to ourselves once we have witnessed the truth within.

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What the World needs is not more economic progress. What we need is progress into our own awakening to the meaning of existence.

Existence, after all, has existed for a whole year and we are have been around for only a few seconds. We can only really know what existence is by sensing it within ourselves, not from a textbook or from studies of the World. We need to know what life is by feeling the life within us. Then this life shows us who we are, why we exist and what we need to do.

The life that we sense inside us is existence itself. It is ancient. All energy in the Universe was created at the birth of the Universe, some 13.7 Billion years ago. What is at the core of us has existed since time immemorial as energy. We are made from the same stuff as the stars and galaxies. The elements in our bodies were created inside the core of stars. At the core of our beings, we are all the same, all interconnected, all made of the same stuff and all animated by the same “Life-Force”.

This “Life-Force” is what we look for in our search for “God”. It is that simple, God is not some wrathful, conceited deity that requires our subservient obedience to shepherd our souls towards heaven. Rather, God is the energy in the Universe that created it, is sustaining it and exists at all times and in all places. God is existence itself, God is life – Infinite and Eternal.

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We go to War over “differences”, whereas the differences themselves are also an illusion. We do not honour life – we choose to possess, poison and destroy it. We cannot create life – we choose to harm, manipulate and terrorise it.

Our planetary collective consciousness needs to evolve until a critical mass become aware of the delusion of our times. My hope is that we can do so before we destroy ourselves.

In summary we are living in a time when a complete idiot can run to become the next U.S President and be a leader in the polls for his party. If he wins, then humanity is collectively in for a devastating time in which we will progress more towards the economic domination of greed and the pursuit of power. There will be more planetary and human damage than ever before.

If we truly want peace and contentment, we should wake up and ostracize such self-obsessed, power hungry imbeciles possessed by their egoist ambitions. These types are as deep as a puddle and empty of any wisdom at their current level of evolution.

If we want World Peace, we need leaders who live it – we should put the Dalai Lama in charge. If we want to create a World of more suffering, then we should carry on as we are.

There is another native American proverb that I would like to share: “Treat the Earth well: It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.”

May the Life-Force be with us.